The unthinkable has happened:  the Islamic State, covertly assisted by Pakistan, has acquired nuclear weapons and the ability to deliver them anywhere in the world, starting with an attack at Bagram Airfield, America’s largest military base in Afghanistan.  As newly elected American President Laura Vaccaro leads the nation through a whole new level of the War on Terror, a second weapon is detonated in Battery Park, at the southern tip of New York City. 

The world is in shock.  The destruction is Biblical, leveling a square mile of Manhattan sky risers, including the Financial District.  Hundreds of thousands perish.  The American economy is in chaos.  Banks close their doors.  The U.S. supply chain is disrupted.  Riots and looting spark across America while its enemies in the Middle East burn U.S. flags in celebration.

President Vaccaro confronts the unprecedented destruction and chaos sweeping our nation head on.  Her immediate priorities are clear: restore order, punish those responsible, and rebuild New York.  She did not start this war, but she sure as hell is determined to finish it—and on her terms.

As the U.S. Seventh Fleet maneuvers in the Indian Ocean and the nation rallies around New York City, the stakes skyrocket when Islamabad CIA Station Chief Bill Gorman unearths evidence of a third bomb headed our way.  Vaccaro’s response is bold, including the creation of a covert group with Presidential Authority composed of maverick FBI Special Agent Monica Cruz and the violent operators of Colonel Hunter Stark’s Special Forces team.

Across two continents the chase is on to find the runaway terrorists led by the ruthless and capable Salma Bahmani, star agent of Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence.  She will stop at nothing to deliver what could be the final nail in America’s coffin, propelling our already fragile society into anarchy.