"ISIS acquires a nuclear deviceand the unthinkable happens in Hunt and Pineiro's terrifying novel. The first target is Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, and the next is in the middle of Battery Park in New York City.  The newly elected president and her team not only have to deal with the ramifications of the devastation, but also must find those responsible.  When they learn that there are more targets, their race against the clock is intensified dramatically.  Several characters help propel the compelling story line, including an FBI special agent, some Special Forces team members, and a CIA station chief.  The authenticity of the story makes the tale particularly terrifying, especially at a time when real-life international relations appear unstable.  A fine apocalyptic thriller right up the alley of Clancy and Thor fans."​

"A gripping and rather terrifying thriller.  It postulates a horrific scenario that recent news unfortunately makes more probable than it ever was before ... the acquisition - and use - of nuclear weapons - by ISIS. The story moves at top speed throughout.  It's an engrossing read . . . it would make a powerful action movie but I really hope that everything here stays fictional.

​​“A masterful thrillerwritten by men of deep experience. Epic in scale yet swiftly paced, Without Mercy is as convincing as it is chilling. . . . First-rate and very highly recommended!”

―Ralph Peters, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author

“The ultimate terrorist scenario,
with authenticity steeped into every page. Col. David Hunt and R.J. Pineiro put their credentials on display in stellar fashion. Readers who enjoy Tom Clancy and Brad Taylor will find a new favorite.”

―Ward Larsen, USA TODAY bestselling author

“You Can Not Put It Down!"

―Judge Jeanine PIrro, Fox News Commentator and author​​


"This unrelenting thriller from Fox News commentator Hunt and Pineiro (The Fall), their first collaboration, offers constant action, sympathetic heroes, believable evildoers, and absolute authenticity on every page. Shortly after ISIS sets off an atomic device at Bagram Airfield, the largest U.S. military base in Afghanistan, terrorists drive a massive oil tanker into the tip of Manhattan and detonate a second nuclear device. The American president, Laura Vaccaro, sets up a secret action team to hunt down the perpetrators. The stakes escalate when CIA officer Bill Gorman informs Vaccaro that there’s another bomb headed toward the U.S. A number of exciting subplots raise the suspense. What’s particularly refreshing is the authors’ willingness to give readers a vivid picture of brave men and women attempting to stop destruction, without shying away from relating what happens when they fail."

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"Reading Without Mercy by Colonel David Hunt and R. J. Pineiro was like a long-awaited visit to the house that Clancy built. From start to finish, the writing duo maintains heart-pounding pacing and tension. In an all too plausible scenario, radical Islamic terrorists target New York City once more, this time with a nuclear device. The remainder of the book has multiple covert and military assets, several federal agencies, and a new President of the United States working around the clock to prevent the rest of the planned attacks. Without Mercy delivers a story that reminds the reader just how unstable and unsafe our world is and begs the question of how effective our leadership would be if the circumstances in the novel played out in real life. Given the current political climate, the contemplation of that is almost more frightening than the book.

"WITHOUT MERCY is a superb book. The characters are strong and people you want to be around. They do what is best and worry about the consequences later. FBI agent Monica Cruz and the President are examples of what a strong and determined woman can do. WITHOUT MERCY is one of the best thrillers I have read since Stephen Coonts' LIBERTY'S LAST STAND. I did not want to put the book down. Colonel David Hunt and R.J. Pineiro worked together well to produce an exciting, well-written book that looks at the threats facing us today. They show us the importance of strength and decisive decision making. The clearest way to say it is I really liked WITHOUT MERCY and you should read it.

"A real page turned that's made for the times in which we live.  What might happen if ISIS acquires nuclear weapons and the ability to deliver them? In this latest action thriller by Colonel David Hunt and R.J. Pineiro, both Bagram AFB in Afghanistan and lower Manhattan promptly vanish in blue flashes. The story revolves around efforts to prevent a third nuclear attack.

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